Monday, 11 February 2008

From The Advocate (Los Angeles), Oct. 22, 1991

The second edition of The Encyclopaedia of Gay and Lesbian Recordings will be published on August 30th 1992. The new volume already contains over 400 new titles documented since the first edition, as well as additional indexing and biographical notes.

"There is a remarkable piece of gay pop scholarship I can recommend. Jay McLaren has spent six years working on The Encyclopaedia of Gay and Lesbian Recordings, cataloging an international roster of artists, lyrics, and performances that announce a queer presence in recorded music. His 79-page illustrated chapbook ia a labor of love and obsession and a valuable resource. It's neither flawless nor finished. Erasure is listed, but its most explicit gay lyric, "Hideaway," is overlooked. Obscure wonders like the Impotent Sea Snakes are cataloged, while Kitchens of Distinction and Sister Double Happiness are absent. The John Denver-Placido Domingo duet "Perhaps Love" is listed as suggestively gay but not Steely Dan's unavoidable "Ricki Don't Lose That Number." These are quibbles, though, because McLaren's monumental undertaking is rich with rewards."

- Adam Block

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